Territory of Belfort. Amazon will not install its giant platform at the Aéroparc de Fontaine

The association “Friends of the Earth” indicates, in a press release, that the company Amazon will not install a large logistics platform of 76,000 m², as it planned, on the site of the Aéroparc de Fontaine, in the Territory of Belfort.

The administrative court of Besançon had canceled, on March 31, the environmental authorization and the building permit granted to the company Vailog, carrier of the real estate project. This decision was not challenged on appeal.

Amazon has never officially acknowledged that it intended to settle in the Territoire de Belfort.

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However, Vailog will conduct a construction project on the site.

“It will be smaller and divided into five or six cells reserved for local companies”, explains Gérard Groubatch, president of France Nature environment in the Territory of Belfort, one of the associations having seized the administrative court. Mr. Groubatch adds that this new project will not be attacked, the associations and Vailog having reached an agreement.

“Even if it doesn’t fully satisfy me, the important thing was that it wasn’t Amazon. Road traffic will drop sharply compared to what it would have been with Amazon, a drop of about half,” he said.

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