“Tengep girls are subject to stronger social control, which changes their self-confidence” – Liberation


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In a study, the results of which “Liberation” is exclusively revealing, Ifop compares the influence of gender on high school students’ university and professional prospects. Franske Kraus, director of the polling institute, analyzes the results.

“Does ambition have a gender?” This is the title of the study published on Thursday Release reveals exclusively the results produced by Ifop. In this, the polling institute points to the influence of gender on young people’s self-confidence and the way in which this factor shapes their academic and professional perspectives. 1,000 high school students were interviewed in November as part of this study, commissioned by the Parisian school Delta Business School.

And if the teenage girls seem less self-confident, they are just as ambitious as the boys, without turning a blind eye to the discrimination that awaits them in the labor market. Fran├žais Kraus, director of the department for gender, safety and sexual health in Ifop, describes the conclusions of this study.

How do you explain the girls being so insecure?

Among these young people who could be the archetype of this #MeToo generation, we still see a high level of self-esteem among girls compared to boys. 64% of them say they have confidence in themselves, compared to 87% of high school students. In academic, professional and even social success in the meaning


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