Telex: Medical data extracted without consent in UK, Microsoft continues aid to Ukraine, Datadog quarterly results surprise analysts

– Medical data extracted without consent in the UK. Is the British government playing with fire? The latter plans to extract medical data from patients recorded in NHS hospital systems and share them with its data platform based on Palantir technology. Problem: this project does not plan to put users in the loop, the worst being that it would simply be done without the consent of patients. NHS England said patients would not be allowed to have their data transferred under the National Data Deactivation Scheme because the data had to be “anonymised in accordance with the Office of the Commissioner’s Anonymisation Code of Practice”. information before it is published”. Speaking to The Register, director of non-profit news site Foxglove Cori Crider said: “We are very concerned that this latest move to force more patient data into Palantir was made without any public input or consent. This is not what we have been told and we are seriously concerned that it is illegal. The government will hear from us shortly.”

– Microsoft continues to help Ukraine. Like AWS, which worked to safeguard the archives of the Ukrainian government, Microsoft Azure is extending its technological support to the country violently attacked by Russia. In a blog post, Microsoft President Brad Smith said technical support would continue to be available and could be as high as $100 million for the year, bringing the cost of the Redmond’s financial support to Ukraine over $400 million across all software systems. “We are aware that many people, especially in Europe, will make sacrifices this winter to support the defense of Ukraine. The war has upended energy markets and disrupted access to food. We are confident that other technology companies will do the same to provide vital support not only to Ukraine, but also to international stability and the protection of fundamental rights in Europe and around the world.

– Datadog’s quarterly results surprise analysts. Datadog, a publisher specializing in monitoring applications and logs, has published promising financial results for its third quarter of 2022. While the company announced a net loss of $26 million, its turnover has seen an impressive increase 61% over the previous year, to $436.5 million. These figures have largely exceeded the forecasts of financial analysts. Founded by two French expatriates in New York, Olivier Pomel and Alexis Lê-Quôc, the platform is particularly popular with operators and administrators who work with application developers.

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