Telephone search: the insurance intermediary Samassur maintained

The Banking and Insurance Regulatory Authority gave formal notice to the insurance intermediary Samassur to stop marketing a product, especially after “many missing» noted in the techniques used during cold calling. His product”protection against hard blows“Was also marketed without the assistance of a duly authorized insurance company, the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority (ACPR) said in a press release on Thursday.

The Banking and Insurance Regulatory Authority also noted “many missing” in the marketing system, which is operated by telephonic mediation by the insurance intermediary, both about the content of the information communicated to the customer and about “delivery conditions for documents and time to read them before subscription“, ACPR specified. Violations of the duty to advise have also been noted by the ACPR. Given formal notice on December 12, Samasur “acknowledged the irregularities found“and will engage”an action plan aimed at prompt compliance with regulations“, ACPR indicated.

Since April 1, telephone solicitation in the insurance field has been more strictly regulated: after revealing their identity and specifying the commercial nature of the call, telephone operators must obtain consent from the prospect to continue the conversation. The discussion must be recorded and stored for two years if an insurance agreement is concluded.


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