Teams Premium, Defender for DevOps… Summary of Microsoft’s announcements at Ignite 2022

Among the dozens of new features presented at its Ignite 2022 conference, Microsoft has gone all out on its Teams collaboration solution. It plans to launch in December 2022, in preview, a premium Teams offer that will integrate multiple customization modules and AI-based features.

The Teams Premium offer arrives in February

Among them we can find Intelligent Recapwhich will allow you to assign tasks to the participants of a meeting or to generate a report, or even Smart Playback, a feature that will break up that same meeting into chapters so users can more easily navigate or find them quickly. Teams Premium should also offer a live captioning solution, available in 40 languages.

Microsoft seems to be keen to respond to the new challenges that the sustainability of hybrid working poses, even as a third of people who work in this way plan to go fully remote in the next year, according to figures. French of the Work Trend Index taken over by the Redmond firm.

Microsoft has announced the launch of Microsoft Places, which will allow, where the Outlook calendar allows you to define a time when collaborators are available for an exchange, to find a place to do so. Users will indicate their presence on the site or their movements, so that meetings can be better organized – allowing companies to better manage their premises and their energy costs.

This premium version of Teams is expected to be available to everyone from February 2023 and will cost $10 per user/per month in the US market.

Partnerships in the Metaverse

Microsoft also did not want to ignore the “metaverse” which, despite an uncertain future and potential, seems to arouse the interest of all major tech companies. The company announced its partnership with commercial real estate consultancy group CBRE to deliver an enhanced facility management platform based on Dynamics 365 Field Service which will optimize operations and save money.

Teams users in “private preview” will also now be able to customize Mesh avatars, the feature allowing participants of an online meeting to interact in immersive spaces, which they can use to take a break without a camera, without having to as much to give up a certain physical presence in meeting. This announcement is more broadly part of the company’s partnership with Meta to integrate Microsoft’s professional platform into the Meta Quest Pro virtual reality headset.

Cybersecurity: Defender for DevOps

Cybersecurity, finally, is not left out. Microsoft has unveiled a new Defender for Cloud feature: Microsoft Defender for DevOps. This new solution should enable developers to identify and fix security vulnerabilities earlier in their work cycle, from code to cloud.

The publisher is also acquiring Microsoft Entra Identify Governance, a new solution for managing user identities and access, “on-premise” as in the cloud, and Azure Purview becomes Microsoft Purview, whose ambition is to strengthen the protection sensitive customer data.

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