From the “Twitter Files” to the White Rabbit, How Elon Musk Serves Conspirators

From the "Twitter Files" to the White Rabbit, How Elon Musk Serves Conspirators

“Elon Musk is close to the far right, with Donald Trump and with masculinist circles that revolve around conspiracy,” analyzes media historian Alexis Lévrier for TF1info. “There is a close porosity between conspiratorial discourse and the American far right, which we also have in France with France Soir in particular.” But the billionaire has not … Read more

Amazon Prime Video: new features for January 2023 revealed

December is coming to an end, so it’s time to see what awaits us in January on the Video Deals pageAmazon Prime. And so much to admit it, it’s not crazy if you expect interesting original content, since the new ones are few. On the other hand, if you like superheroes DCthe anti-hero Married on … Read more

SpaceX: the first part of the successful mission!

After several more than 18 hours of travel, the Crew Dragon capsule docked safely with the International Space Station. The first part of the mission is complete. Elon Musk won his bet to send humans into space. To achieve this feat, the billionaire used the procedures of start-ups, which are much more efficient than cumbersome … Read more

“I was pissed off and shocked” (video)

Not long ago, Stephanie decided to install a surveillance camera at her front door, because she noticed that her parcels were regularly searched. This camera works with a motion detector and records images when it detects a presence in front of the house. “Shocked” At the end of September, the 34-year-old mother finds that the … Read more

Can you cancel your home insurance if you find it cheaper elsewhere? The 8 p.m. answers you

The TF1 newscast sifts through viewers’ questions every evening in its section “Le 20H responds to you”. Marine Brossard answers their questions on Gilles Bouleau’s set. On the program this Tuesday evening, your home and in particular your home insurance. Can I cancel my home insurance during the contract if I find it cheaper elsewhere? … Read more

SpaceX’s four passengers return to Earth after three days in space

It was with a broad smile that the four passengers left the capsule before being picked up by a helicopter to go to the Kennedy Space Center, where their families were waiting for them. “Congratulations, Inspiration4”, Then rejoiced on Twitter Elon Musk, the boss of SpaceX and at the origin of the project, using the … Read more

Amazon Prime Video: the novelties of November 2022 unveiled

Now that the first season of the series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power has ended, the attractiveness ofAmazon Prime Video going to take a hit, which confirms to us the program of additions for the month of November, which will certainly offer interesting content, but which for the most part has … Read more

These French start-ups that want to become the new European SpaceX

In France, dozens of start-ups were born with the ambition to conquer the stars. This is the case of Spartan Space, in Grenoble. Its designer imagined a structure, named Eurohab, to allow astronauts to push their exploration on the Moon a little further. “Today, an astronaut can move away from his rocket lander by ten … Read more

These billions of taxes that Microsoft would avoid paying

According to the study, Microsoft Global Finance, an Irish subsidiary that is tax resident in Bermuda, centralized more than $100 billion in investments and, despite operating profit of $2.4 billion, n paid no tax in 2020. Another example cited by Cictar is Microsoft Singapore Holdings. The latter published in 2020 profits, coming from dividends, of … Read more

Home insurance: can a real estate agency impose one on me? The 8 p.m. answers you

The TF1 newscast sifts through viewers’ questions every evening in its section “Le 20H responds to you”. In the video at the top of this article, Garance Pardigon answers their questions, related to the rights of tenants, on the set of Gilles Bouleau. I rent an apartment through a real estate agency. Can the latter … Read more