Attention ! Microsoft will soon abandon this operating system

Be careful not to find yourself stuck with a permanently obsolete system: Microsoft is issuing reminders to its users to Windows 8.1 telling them that their software will no longer be supported by the brand from next January. Windows 8.1 was launched on the market in October 2013 and stood out as one of the … Read more

Call of Duty – Visibly tired Microsoft offers 10-year deal to Sony

The ras-le-bol offer. Last January, Microsoft caused the thunder to resonate with an extraordinary acquisition. That of Activision Blizzard King for an amount of 68.7 billion dollars. An astronomical amount to afford one of the largest video game companies in the world whose catalog is breathtaking, both in terms of licenses and studios: Diablo, Overwatch, … Read more

Microsoft confirms the end of Atom, the code editor that preceded VSCode

The announcement is not new, but we missed it last June: Atom will disappear, in favor of Visual Studio Code. This complete code editor and project manager was purchased by Microsoft along with GitHub. The company has maintained the development of these two competing apps for several years, but VSCode has always had its favors, … Read more

4 amazing numbers about Microsoft and its co-founder Bill Gates

Microsoft is a juggernaut in the world of technology and its co-founder too. Bill Gates is a genius of his time. So here are 4 incredible figures on Microsoft and Bill Gates. $113 billion According to the Bloomberg agency, Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, would have a fortune of 113 billion dollars. He is … Read more

Surprise, Microsoft’s SwiftKey is back on the App Store

SwiftKey is available again on the App Store and it’s a surprise, because Microsoft had yet officially announced the withdrawal of its alternative keyboard at the end of September. The company has obviously changed its mind, however, as it reports through a press release sent to the site The Verge : “ Following user feedback, … Read more

Microsoft Teams rolls out feature for people with hearing loss

A few days ago, Microsoft launched a new option offering fun content to professionals on the collaborative communication platform. As a reminder, this is called “Games for Work”. Microsoft Teams The Redmond-headquartered firm has come back with a new feature that is described as a new sign language view. Intended for people with hearing loss, … Read more

Microsoft France extends its image with Babylone

As part of a competition organized almost a year ago, Microsoft France chose Babylone to take over the reins of its public relations and show the multiplicity of the brand. In November 2021, Microsoft France is organizing a four-month competition, orchestrated by Pitchville, for its PR. Facing Havas and Publicis in the final, the young … Read more

Apple vs. Microsoft: What’s the best buy right now?

Apple and Microsoft shares are the two largest by market weighting in the S&P 500. (Photo: 123RF) Once competitors in the field of personal computers under the leadership of strong personalities and innovators, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, Apple and Microsoft are now two diversified technological giants. In fact, Apple stock and Microsoft stock are … Read more