Mass layoffs at Stripe and Lyft, hiring freeze at Amazon

The American distribution giant highlights an “unusual” macro-economic environment. Caught up by the economic slowdown that is gripping the tech giants, two Silicon Valley companies, Stripe and Lyft, announced major layoffs on Thursday while Amazon freezes hiring in its offices. Twitter could follow suit: according to information from the Bloomberg agency, confirmed by a source … Read more

Businesses will find it harder to insure themselves well in 2023

Reinsurers (the insurers of insurers) have just raised their prices by more than 10% on average. 520623035/Cavan Images – Insurers will further increase rates. Deductibles are up and warranties are down. It’s an additional headache for companies, already struggling with runaway inflation and supply problems. As the end of the year approaches, negotiations for … Read more

5 things to check before managing your life insurance online

Is 100% digital life insurance suited to your needs? Pormezz / OUR ADVICES – Subscribe and manage your life insurance remotely, while benefiting from reduced management fees and attractive returns: the promise is enticing. Provided you do it well. Twenty years ago, the first online brokers landed on the life insurance market to publish … Read more

insurance for each animal that reassures the owners

By 14HAUSSMANN Posted on 10/10/2022 at 10:37, Update on 10/10/2022 at 10:54 Insurance for each animal that reassures owners Agria While old age and its procession of health concerns do not spare our four-legged friends, it is difficult to find insurance in France that agrees to cover their care beyond the fateful threshold of 8 … Read more

Lidl and Amazon navigate the waters of the giants CMA CGM and Maersk

Lidl created its own shipping company last April. 388002261/aerial-drone – DECRYPTION – The German hard-discount group and the e-commerce giant have become their own shipowners. We knew Lidl as a distributor. Here he is also a shipowner. In April, the German hard-discount group created its own shipping company, called Tailwind Shipping Lines. She has … Read more

are euro funds essential to state finances?

The major advantage of funds in euros is to guarantee the capital. Just a few nuances. Credit: DURAND FLORENCE/SIPA DECRYPTION – A major creditor of the State, funds in euros are just as useful to savers. It’s always the same tune. With each government imagining to reform the taxation of life insurance, insurers are crying … Read more

How to insure and secure your family home?

OUR ADVICE – A secondary residence is not insured like a main residence, especially if you have a large garden or a swimming pool. As strange as it may seem, if you own your second home, there is no legal obligation for you to insure your home. But it is obviously preferable to be well … Read more

“Abandonment of post” equated to a resignation, votes the National Assembly

The measure was defended in several amendments to the law on unemployment insurance currently being debated in the Assembly. Employees abandoning their post will be presumed to have resigned: the National Assembly voted on Wednesday amendments from the majority and the LRs to limit access to unemployment insurance, despite criticism from the left. “An employee … Read more

Our 2022 list of the best life insurance companies

Life insurance offers many advantages and benefits from very attractive taxation. fizkes / EXCLUSIVE – Bank, insurance, wealth manager, broker… Find out who offers the most efficient contracts, according to your wealth. Nearly €1,880 billion in total outstandings at the end of 2021! For more than 40 years, life insurance has been a favorite … Read more

Surge in sight for home insurance

By Daniele Guinot Posted 40 minutes ago, Update 40 minutes ago In France, bad weather has cost insurers 4.6 billion euros this year (here, in June, heavy rains flooded a street in Cap-Ferret). Benjamin Guillot-Moueix / Hans Lucas via Reuters Connect DECRYPTION – Several reinsurers no longer cover natural disasters. Houses will no longer be … Read more