“I was pissed off and shocked” (video)

Not long ago, Stephanie decided to install a surveillance camera at her front door, because she noticed that her parcels were regularly searched. This camera works with a motion detector and records images when it detects a presence in front of the house. “Shocked” At the end of September, the 34-year-old mother finds that the … Read more

Amazon unveils the first image of its series adapted from the video game

Amazon Prime Video has just unveiled the very first image of its series falloutadapted from the video game of the same name. The space opera (with the exception of adaptations of Star Wars and of Mass Effect) is still struggling today to convince on the video game scene. The sector and gamers have long turned … Read more

Orelsan: Never Show This to Anyone Part 2: Creative Review on Amazon

THE QUEST While most artist documentaries tend to be hollow, contrived promotional films, never show that to anyone was immediately distinguished by a rare sincerity. That of a little brother who, like a slightly crazy bet, had decided to film his big brother and his friends because he was convinced that they would end up … Read more

the Amazon film with Dwayne Johnson and Chris Evans expands its (big) cast

The Amazon Prime Video-ordered Christmas movie starring Dwayne Johnson and Chris Evans, RedOnepays for a very interesting new headliner. If the next Jumanji Still hanging around in Hollywood drawers, Dwayne Johnson, or the worst of Hollywood, will still be in front of filmmaker Jake Kasdan’s camera for another project commissioned for the Amazon Prime platform. … Read more

the Amazon series is very disappointing and the writers are aware of it

After the review bombing and mixed reviews of the first episodes of Rings of Powerthe writers admit that the Amazon series is not phew. While the Amazon series is nearing the end of its first season, the opinions collected episode after episode are not exactly brilliant. After having suffered a spectacular review bombing by the … Read more