Tesla, Space X, Twitter… Elon Musk’s crazy year

Tesla, Space X, Twitter... Elon Musk's crazy year

AWESOME STORY – The head of Tesla and SpaceX got a new dimension with the takeover of Twitter. His escapades worry politicians and investors. Apart from, perhaps, Volodymyr Zelensky, no one will have been talked about as much in 2022 as Elon Musk, head of, among others, Tesla and SpaceX, and now owner of the … Read more

average reduction of 16% in addition to the previous reform

average reduction of 16% in addition to the previous reform

The organization also assessed the effects of the new reform, which will affect “at least half of future beneficiaries”. UnĂ©dic has produced an initial assessment of the previous unemployment insurance reform, which shows an average drop of 16% in unemployment benefits for the affected unemployed, according to internal documents consulted by AFP on Wednesday. This … Read more

New rate increases will come to insurance in 2023

New rate increases will come to insurance in 2023

It is a Assurland comparator study which went a little unnoticed as it was released just before the World Cup final. According to her, the prices are on all contracts increase : + 3 to 3.5% in home insurance, + 3% in car insurance and + 3% in health insurance. However, the insurance companies had … Read more

SpaceX overtakes Boeing as NASA supplier

The Falcon 9 launch vehicle equipped with the Crew Dragon capsule in the NASA Assembly Center. Photography: SpaceX For the first time, SpaceX has moved ahead of Boeing in NASA’s ranking of lucrative suppliers. Further proof of the growing importance of Elon Musk’s company in the space sector. What’s next after this ad For many … Read more

Amazon opens its first delivery center in Belgium

A month after launching its Belgian Amazon site, the American e-commerce giant opened its first delivery center in Antwerp on Thursday. The proximity to the port and the large number of consumers in the area were the decisive factors. For the moment, the delivery center is still calm, “but this will soon change as Christmas … Read more

the Senate adopts the bill paving the way for a possible modulation

The upper house also adopted a measure penalizing repeated refusals of CDIs after a CDD. The Senate with a right-wing majority adopted Tuesday evening in first reading the bill paving the way for a possible modulation of unemployment insurance according to the economic situation, after having hardened it with a measure penalizing the repeated refusals … Read more

bad weather for the insurance world

France should experience one of its worst years in terms of climate disasters in 2022, with damage already estimated at 4.6 billion euros between January and the end of August. And it’s not over. Between 2020 and 2050, the annual average to be paid could be around 4.7 billion, which would represent a doubling compared … Read more

The assurance of understanding all your insurances

Premiums are always increasing. Insurers never reimburse. They never go bankrupt. Agents, brokers, mutuals, bank insurers, they are all the same… The a priori There is no shortage of negatives on the insurance professions, which are among the professions little appreciated by the French. The 32nd edition of the Reavie professional congress, which is being … Read more

How to change your home loan insurance at any time

The breakthrough was eagerly awaited by consumer protection associations. Thanks to the adoption of the Lemoine law on February 17, 2022, French people can terminate their borrower insurance at any time, as soon as they take out another one with at least equivalent conditions. The interest is twofold: to obtain a more competitive price and … Read more