Start the year warm with this Cayenne intertie heater at a good price on Amazon

Start the year warm with this Cayenne intertie heater at a good price on Amazon

Cayenne inertia radiator: thermal comfort and energy savings Does your house still have toaster-type electric heaters? These are very energy intensive and radiate heat that tends to dry out the environment. To achieve energy savings and restore soft and comfortable warmth in your interior, replace them with inertial radiators. These are the new generation of … Read more

Christmas is over, but not the good plans

Amazon regularly offers flash sales. It remains one of the most consulted commercial platforms in the world, but also in France. In our country it is followed by Leboncoin, Cdiscount or Ebay. All the great deals can be found on the dedicated flash sale page. For information, you can take advantage of free and fast … Read more

Amazon Prime Video: new features for January 2023 revealed

December is coming to an end, so it’s time to see what awaits us in January on the Video Deals pageAmazon Prime. And so much to admit it, it’s not crazy if you expect interesting original content, since the new ones are few. On the other hand, if you like superheroes DCthe anti-hero Married on … Read more

Christmas 2022: immersion in an Amazon warehouse at its peak activity

The 182,000 m² four-story building, which was inaugurated at the end of August 2021, looks like an ultra-modern terminal: security gates, employees wearing overalls, permanent background noise. And for three weeks, the 3,350 employees and a thousand temporary workers experience their peak activity when Christmas approaches. “There are hundreds of thousands of parcels leaving for … Read more

Amazon will release the next part of the Tomb Raider saga

Amazon will release the next part of the Tomb Raider saga

The new adventures of the famous Lara Croft are developed on consoles and PC by the Crystal Dynamics studio, which was sold this summer. This is a big blow for Amazon. The American e-commerce giant will be the publisher of the next part of the video game saga tomb raider, which features the famous adventurer … Read more

Amazon launches Inspire, its TikTok-style feature


E-TRADE 12/12/2022 The Amazon e-commerce platform is implementing (in the US at the moment) a new feature “inspired” by the social network TikTok. Her name ? “Inhale”. The tool, available in the Amazon app, allows consumers to view products from a personalized feed of videos and photos and then proceed to purchase where appropriate. This … Read more

leader of Prime Video, Twitch and gaming bows out again

Jeff Blackburn is head of Amazon’s media and entertainment business. And according to emails exchanged between him and chief executive Andy Jassy on Friday, Blackburn has decided to retire again. Other people will take over his responsibilities when he leaves. Changes to the company’s organizational chart will then be as follows: Mike Hopkins, who heads … Read more

“I was pissed off and shocked” (video)

Not long ago, Stephanie decided to install a surveillance camera at her front door, because she noticed that her parcels were regularly searched. This camera works with a motion detector and records images when it detects a presence in front of the house. “Shocked” At the end of September, the 34-year-old mother finds that the … Read more

Snap partners with Amazon to improve the AR shopping experience

Amazon is teaming up with Snap for an augmented reality fashion experience that lets customers digitally try on different eyewear brands and styles, then make a purchase. The “Virtual Try-On” shopping method gives 363 million daily active Snapchatters access to thousands of eyewear styles on Amazon Fashion. Amazon said the two companies have established 3D … Read more

Did Amazon make “121 billion profits in the second half of 2022 in Europe”, as MP Thomas Portes writes?

The elected Nupes-LFI wanted to denounce the discrepancy between the sums collected by the e-commerce giant and the amount of taxes he pays in Europe. But got tangled up in the process. Amazon makes billions in profits, while paying no tax on these sums to European states. This is the idea defended by Thomas Porte, … Read more