“I was pissed off and shocked” (video)

Not long ago, Stephanie decided to install a surveillance camera at her front door, because she noticed that her parcels were regularly searched. This camera works with a motion detector and records images when it detects a presence in front of the house. “Shocked” At the end of September, the 34-year-old mother finds that the … Read more

Snap partners with Amazon to improve the AR shopping experience

Amazon is teaming up with Snap for an augmented reality fashion experience that lets customers digitally try on different eyewear brands and styles, then make a purchase. The “Virtual Try-On” shopping method gives 363 million daily active Snapchatters access to thousands of eyewear styles on Amazon Fashion. Amazon said the two companies have established 3D … Read more

Did Amazon make “121 billion profits in the second half of 2022 in Europe”, as MP Thomas Portes writes?

The elected Nupes-LFI wanted to denounce the discrepancy between the sums collected by the e-commerce giant and the amount of taxes he pays in Europe. But got tangled up in the process. Amazon makes billions in profits, while paying no tax on these sums to European states. This is the idea defended by Thomas Porte, … Read more

After Apple, Amazon and Starbucks, it is the car manufacturer Fiat which wins legal action against the European Union

This decision inflicts a new snub on the European executive, who saw it as illegal state aid and had already lost in other cases against Apple, Amazon and Starbucks, in other tax disputes in Ireland, Luxembourg and in the Nederlands. In October 2015, the Commission ordered Luxembourg to recover some 30 million euros from Fiat … Read more

additional discounts on used products!

Currently, saving money is the sinews of war. Christmas is fast approaching and you are looking for good deals. Amazon Warehouse is a little nugget for bargain aficionados. What is Amazon Warehouse? It often happens that Amazon customers order a product, but it does not suit them and therefore they will send it back. The … Read more

Acast-hosted podcasts now ad-free for Amazon Music subscribers

An agreement between the two companies gives Amazon Prime customers and Music customers access to a new catalog of shows, without advertising breaks. Podcasts to listen to without interruption and, above all, without advertising. This is the heart of the agreement, signed on November 3, 2022, between the host Acast and the music streaming platform … Read more

Mass layoffs at Stripe and Lyft, hiring freeze at Amazon

The American distribution giant highlights an “unusual” macro-economic environment. Caught up by the economic slowdown that is gripping the tech giants, two Silicon Valley companies, Stripe and Lyft, announced major layoffs on Thursday while Amazon freezes hiring in its offices. Twitter could follow suit: according to information from the Bloomberg agency, confirmed by a source … Read more

What’s new on Amazon Prime Video in November?

Does the climate still hesitate between summer and winter? Perfect opportunity to discover what the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform offers us for the month of November 2022. Additional programs arrive every month on the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform, from original and exclusive productions to highly anticipated catalog programs. Matrix trilogy and Demon Slayer … Read more

Christmas: Amazon extends returns to January 31

Amazon has implemented its special Christmas return policy, which sees the deadlines extended until January. It is customary at this time of year, the sales site extends until January 31 of next year the deadline for returning an item. The operation started yesterday. This is interesting for gifts bought well in advance – generally because … Read more

Amazon Prime Video adds the Senegalese series “Mistress of a married man” to its platform

(Ecofin Agency) – Since the installation of Netflix on the African continent, the streaming service seems to focus on collaborations with producers from the English-speaking part of the continent. Its competitor, Amazon Prime Video, seems to want to take advantage of this strategy to strengthen its presence in French-speaking Africa. The Senegalese series “Mistress of … Read more