[TAC 2022] Social Selinng: first place for Atmospheres and Microsoft – Business Strategy

In order to meet the new expectations of its consumers, Microsoft called on Atmospheres, an agency specializing in sales development, to implement a social selling strategy.

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More than 5,000 videos broadcast in 25 countries and 20 languages: this is one of the results obtained thanks to the system designed and deployed by the Atmospheres agency for its Microsoft client. Product demonstrations, live entertainment on Youtube, long or short formats: this new content constitutes new bridges between the brand and its consumers, existing and future.

This web-to-sale approach comes at a time when the market has become hyper-competitive, and consumer habits have evolved, in particular towards more video viewing. This content feeds retailers’ product pages, and is intended for customers throughout their shopping journey: before, during and after.

The objective is to establish a relationship of trust between the brand and consumers, but also to found and federate a community of fans, in particular through the creation of a YouTube channel, and to reach a younger target, through digital platforms like TikTok or Instagram.

In order to produce this video content, Atmospheres has set up a dedicated team, ExpertZone France, made up of seven people, and integrated into the Microsoft marketing team.

Since the creation of the Youtube channel in 2019, it has more than 37,000 subscribers, and the videos have accumulated more than three million views! The TikTok account, launched in 2021, has already reached 8,000 subscribers, and the videos hosted exceed 12,000 likes. The system now also hosts Live Shopping sessions dedicated to the brand universe and its partners. A beautiful 360° operation!

Engie takes silver

Following the evolution of its customers’ consumption patterns, Engie has created a Live Advice and Live Shopping activity. During these video broadcasts, links to subscription forms are offered to Internet users, as well as a live chat to ask questions live. Whether private or public, the Engie Lives receive a favorable reception, with a participation rate of 72% for that of September 2022.

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