Surprise, Microsoft’s SwiftKey is back on the App Store

SwiftKey is available again on the App Store and it’s a surprise, because Microsoft had yet officially announced the withdrawal of its alternative keyboard at the end of September. The company has obviously changed its mind, however, as it reports through a press release sent to the site The Verge : “ Following user feedback, SwiftKey for iOS has been restored to the Apple App Store “.

The screenshots posted on the App Store are a good betrayal of SwiftKey’s recent lack of care: note in particular the older version of Reminders on the right, still with a texture in the background.

Obviously, Microsoft was unaware that its alternative keyboard still had its fans. Either way, it looks like the company has found a new incentive to keep SwiftKey up to date, which won’t be too much, as this alternative keyboard hasn’t gotten much love in recent years. . For the moment, the app remains on its version 2.9.2 released in August 2021 and which works halfway on an up-to-date iOS, but Microsoft does not intend to stop there.

In the wake of its return to the App Store, two company executives have promised something new to come. Vishnu Nath, Head of Office and OneNote, suggests that his team will make changes to SwiftKey, while Pedram Rezaei, technical director of local maps and services, indicated that Microsoft was fully invested in his keyboard.

We don’t yet know what its future will look like, but if you liked this alternative to Apple’s virtual keyboard, you can use it again with the assurance that it will get better again.


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