Start the year warm with this Cayenne intertie heater at a good price on Amazon

Cayenne inertia radiator: thermal comfort and energy savings

Does your house still have toaster-type electric heaters? These are very energy intensive and radiate heat that tends to dry out the environment. To achieve energy savings and restore soft and comfortable warmth in your interior, replace them with inertial radiators. These are the new generation of electric heaters. They work by exploiting the inertial capacity of a material. In the case of the Cayenne inertia radiator, it is cast iron. that cast iron heating core of the Cayenne inertia radiator provides progressive and prolonged heat which does not dry out the surrounding air. The heat spread by the Cayenne inertia radiator is gentle, it gives you a unsurpassed thermal comfort compared to traditional electric heaters. In addition, the Cayenne inertia radiator allows you to save energy. Even when turned off, it continues to radiate heat. With its 1000W power, the Cayenne 49736 inertial heater will heat up your interior. practice with sound LCD displayit has 7 customizable programs. Finally with his slim designit will fit into your interior very easily.

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Where to find the Cayenne inertia radiator at the best price?

Have you decided to replace your old electric radiators with inertial radiators? It is the right time. Amazon currently offers the Cayenne inertial heater for €154.90 instead of €229, i.e. 32% discount. A little more, with Amazon you have the option payable in 4 installments free of charge. This corresponds to 4 monthly payments of €38.72. A big saving to achieve energy savings!

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