Starlink satellite internet network raises prices in Ukraine

Starlink, SpaceX’s internet delivery service, has informed its Ukrainian subscribers of an increase in its prices starting on December 29.

It’s a price increase that goes wrong. A terminal that increases from 500 to 700 dollars and a package that increases from 60 to 75 dollars. This is the information received by Starlink customers in Ukraine on November 29. Several of them shared their astonishment on Twitter.

The SpaceX service offers internet access anywhere in the world thanks to a constellation of satellites. This offer was of significant support for the Ukrainian army in the context of the Russian invasion. This tool has become almost indispensable for fighters who find it “very difficult to do without”.

A surprise for Ukrainians

Above all, the increase in prices is surprising. Last month, SpaceX boss Elon Musk said it was complicated for the company to continue funding systems distributed to Ukraine. After questioning his financial support, he announced on October 15 that he would “continue to finance the Ukrainian government”, and this “even if Starlink is still losing money”. The inflation of prices is therefore a surprise for the Ukrainians.

“Thank you Elon Musk from all of Ukrainian society, this is the best time to raise subscription prices while Russian missiles are bombarding our critical infrastructure,” one user tweeted.

For its part, the Dzyga’s paw charity fund was rightly delighted on November 29 to have raised enough money to fulfill its objective of providing 100 Starlink kits to the Ukrainian people. Its founder Dimko Zhluktenko must buy 35 systems to add them to the 65 already installed.

If the price increase should affect users already subscribed from November 29, 2022, new customers are already subject to the increased prices. “Not cool, but we will find a profitable solution,” assured Dimko Zhluktenko.

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