Starfield will be released after Redfall, says Microsoft

Last May, Bethesda announced bad news, with the postponement of two of its games, namely Redfall and Starfield. We should normally have seen them land in 2022, but to offer a better experience, more in line with the expectations of the players, the studio had chosen to postpone them to the first half of 2023, without further details for the moment.

However, Matt Booty, head of Xbox Game Studios, gave some important insights. According to him, Redfall would be the first of the productions to be released, as he explains in the “Friends Per Second” podcast. If we have no release date, several rumors have mentioned a launch at the end of March 2023. In fact, Starfield would not be expected until spring, between March and June.

Moreover, Matt Booty is full of praise for Todd Howard, placing him as a precursor of the video game world. According to him, the developer does not simply use assets to make a video game, he tries to innovate by bringing original touches that will then be used in other games. With Starfield, there is going to be a lot of things going forward he says.

We will however have to wait to judge and see if Starfield will indeed advance the video game industry. But Bethesda could soon tell us more, especially for Redfall, so that future players are fixed. let’s remember that both titles are planned on PC, Xbox Series and in the Game Pass.

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