SpaceX shares stunning view of its Starship engine test

We are now accustomed to the spectacular images that SpaceX delights us with each of its rocket launches. Elon Musk’s space company once again demonstrates a keen sense of communication by offering us an unprecedented view of the static firing of the Starship’s Raptor engines. A sequence likely filmed from a drone hovering above the spacecraft that SpaceX hopes to fly over the Moon and one day reach Mars.

But before that, Starship will have to make its first orbital flight to validate its systems. An important step that has been waiting for months. Back in October, we were treated to some views of Starship 24 sitting atop a Super Heavy launch vehicle on the launch pad at SpaceX’s Starbase in Texas.

The starship’s first orbital flight is long overdue

There have been several static firings before, including a test that fired seven engines and a more recent one with eleven engines. The new Starship video only shows one engine, but it’s still very impressive.

SpaceX expected to make Starship’s first orbital flight by the end of the year, but that now seems unlikely as it needs Federal Aviation Administration approval for launch.

Remember that SpaceX has already sold tickets for the future dearMoon mission around the Moon. Before that, the ship must enter orbit and return safely, a crucial step in carrying humans into space. article adapted by CNETFrance

Image: CNETFrance video recording

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