SpaceX overtakes Boeing as NASA supplier

For the first time, SpaceX has moved ahead of Boeing in NASA’s ranking of lucrative suppliers. Further proof of the growing importance of Elon Musk’s company in the space sector.

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For many years, the American space agency has relied on traditional companies in the sector such as Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman or even Boeing, which has long been its main supplier of equipment. The emergence of SpaceX has nonetheless shaken up the market, and this new figure proves it.

As reported Ars-Technica, NASA paid $2.04 billion to SpaceX in fiscal year 2022, compared to $1.72 billion for Boeing. The two companies are thus positioned in second and third place in the ranking behind the California Institute of Technology, which manages the Jet Propulsion Laboratory center for NASA, in particular in charge of the manufacture and operations of the Perseverance rover, sent to Mars to detect traces of past life.

Source: The Digital Century



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