SpaceX launches cargo ship with seeds and other items to International Space Station

SpaceX successfully sent a science-filled Dragon cargo spacecraft to the International Space Station on Saturday (26), on the company’s 26th commercial resupply mission to the ISS.

The launch, which was SpaceX’s 54th overall launch and fifth for a Dragon spacecraft in 2022, was originally scheduled for Nov. 22 but was delayed due to poor weather.

“Nice launch. As always, great to see this,” NASA spokeswoman Sandra Jones said during the mission live stream.

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SpaceX spacecraft took seeds for an experiment on the ISS

In all, Dragon carried 3,500 kilos. Some of the onboard payloads include solar power panels, as well as a microscope to observe changes in the International Space Station crew’s immune system and equipment to capture images of astronauts’ eyes.

Dwarf tomato seeds were also sent, in another step in the series of Veggie experiments. The program explored growing food and even flowers in space.

With NASA just launching its Artemis 1 unmanned lunar mission, preparing for long-duration excursions under the Artemis program will require rethinking how astronauts are fed and kept healthy for weeks or years. months, not only on the ISS but also on the moon.

Scientists are already analyzing the results of the recent harvest of ripe peppers. To date, this is the longest plant-growing experiment ever performed on the International Space Station. It took 135 days of work, which generated a huge amount of data and helped researchers find new fertilization techniques outside of Earth.

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