SpaceX is looking further for its Starlink technology

On the website of SpaceX, there are several categories. They are devoted to the group’s launch vehicles and its Dragon space capsule, its ridershare program of small satellites, manned space flights and the satellite Internet access service with the constellation star link. There is now a strange category star guard.

The information published on Starshield is still relatively sparse, knowing that this service or this constellation is not intended for general public and commercial use, but for a public use. National security is also mentioned.

Star shield for public use

State satellites would allow responding to more markets, and in particular three initially. Earth observation and imaging with sensors, secure communications, payload hosting for more demanding missions.

SpaceX further presents Starshield as an end-to-end offering for systems, from launch vehicles to user terminals, deploying capabilities at scale and at unprecedented speed.

» Starlink already offers unmatched end-to-end encryption of user data. Starshield uses additional high-assurance cryptographic capability to host classified payloads and securely process data that meets the most stringent government requirements “, we can also read.

A military version of Starlink?

SpaceX induces the system by inter-satellite laser communication with operations for Starlink, and indicates the possibility of integrating partner satellites to allow incorporation into the Starshield network. In all cases, low Earth orbit is the goal.

To promote Starshield, SpaceX highlights its experience and ongoing work with the US Department of Defense. Nevertheless, the few details revealed do not allow to get a precise idea of ​​the Starshield service.

It is unclear if any testing regarding the Starshield ever took place. Once is not customary, Elon Musk has not been chatty on Twitter.

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