SpaceX agrees to deliver 10,000 satellite antennas to Ukraine

These are 10,000 Starlink satellite antennas that were supposed to be delivered to Ukraine, according to the terms of a contract signed between SpaceX and Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Mykhaïlo Fedorov, as related The echoes. 10,000 additional satellite dishes, which will be added to the 22,000 that Ukraine already has. An agreement that comes as Russia intensifies its attacks on Ukraine. The country’s communication infrastructure is particularly affected, and the satellite antennas produced by SpaceX make it especially possible to connect to a broadband network without having to go through official suppliers.

The Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, behind the agreement, was pleased with the good relations with Elon Musk’s company: “They respond quickly to problems. Elon Musk tells us that he will continue to support Ukraine. When we had a blackout, I contacted him the same day. He reacted immediately and has already taken action. He understands the situation.”


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Satellite dishes used since the beginning of the war

SpaceX’s support for Ukraine dates back to the early days of the Russian invasion. On February 28, the first satellites arrived at their destination. While Ukraine’s power grid is under bombardment and the country faces several blackouts, Starlink antennas can still function in the event of a power failure. Thus, they have already been useful in coordinating the Ukrainian troops on the front of the city of Kherson.

Several European states will participate in the financing of the 10,000 new antennas promised by SpaceX, specified the Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister, who also indicates that “all the financial problems were solved”. A reference to Elon Musk’s threat to stop funding the satellites stationed in Ukraine before he backs down following an agreement at the Pentagon.


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