Soon the end of the barcode? Amazon is working on it

They can be quite simple for our human brains, barcodes can sometimes represent an insurmountable difficulty for our robot friends. The latter often experience great difficulty in identifying this series of parallel lines. It is for this reason that Amazon is working on a solution to eliminate this ancient technology, as reported by the site on Monday, December 12.

The new technology revolves around a system of cameras linked to an algorithm that identifies the products moving on the conveyor belts. To do this, artificial intelligence (AI) uses a visual database that shows all the references marketed in a brand.

AI will be embedded in robots that identify objects as they pick them up and turn them over. “Solving this problem so that robots can pick up objects and process them without having to find and scan a barcode is fundamental,” said Nontas Antonakos, head of applied science for Amazon Europe, interviewed by CNET. “This will help us get packages to customers faster and more accurately.”


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99% accuracy according to Amazon

To design the new AI, Amazon specialists built a huge image bank of all the products sold on the platform. The database also contains data regarding the dimensions of the products. According to Amazon, the accuracy reaches 99%, but still has a little difficulty in identifying a product whose color has been changed.

The development of this new technology is part of Amazon’s long-term strategy to automate its supply chain as much as possible. For years, Jeff Bezos’ company has been gradually automating its warehouses to increase productivity and be able to manage the ever-increasing flow of online orders.


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