Sign language is coming to Microsoft Teams

Teams has become such an industry standard that it will now be necessary to prove that they do not block the competition. Every day it incorporates new functions and is essential for all users. On this occasion, we see how Teams is less exclusive than ever by also integrating the possibility of offering a view in sign language.

Sign language now available in Teams

Microsoft Teams now offers a new sign language view for meetings. The new accessibility feature will allow people who are deaf or hard of hearing, interpreters, or other meeting participants who use sign language to stay attentive during all meetings.

The new sign language view for Teams meetings will be able to display video feeds of interpreters and other signers in an area large enough for sign language to be visible. Enabling the sign language view is personal, indicating that it will not affect other meeting participants.

“With sign language display enabled, the video feeds of people you designate will remain visible center stage as long as their video is enabled. Other participants can also be pinned or featured without overwhelming the sign language interpreter,” Microsoft explained.

Before the sign language view was available, meeting organizers had to manually set interpreters and enable closed captioning for each meeting. The new sign language view greatly simplifies this experience. And meeting planners can also choose preferred performers to present at each meeting.

Sign language view is currently available in public preview in Teams. Microsoft expects it to be available to all desktop users in the coming weeks. “These features are just the beginning, one step on a much longer path”Microsoft also said in the announcement.

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