She claims to have cancer in order to swindle 9,000 euros from health insurance

A health insurance scam has been uncovered in Toulouse. As 20 Minutes and report, Monday, October 24, investigators heard from a 28-year-old woman, suspected of having posed as a patient in order to obtain cancer drugs. Twice, at the end of 2021, the young woman would have gone to obtain these overpriced drugs (8,860 € for the two boxes) in a pharmacy in Toulouse. But the medical profile of the patient, visibly in perfect health, challenged the CPAM (Primary Health Insurance Fund).


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Especially since the doctor prescribing the treatment has meanwhile filed a complaint for “identity theft”. The abused pharmacy and the CPAM also filed a complaint. Facing the police officers of the GEG (General Investigation Group), the young woman, already known to the services, admitted the facts. She claims to have acted under the orders of an unknown sponsor, who solicited her on social networks and paid her a total of 500 euros to recover these anti-cancer drugs.


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Investigators suspect trafficking. This type of medicine, overpriced and reimbursed by Social Security, can be resold at exorbitant prices in countries where they are not covered by health insurance. “Once reimbursed in France, these drugs can be resold in countries where the population does not have access to them”, confirms an investigator, quoted by Actu Toulouse. Prosecuted for “fraud to the detriment of a social organization”, the fake cancer patient will have to answer for her actions before the criminal court.

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