Serbia approves, while Microsoft turns to European regulators

Things are progressing in the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, or in any case Microsoft is struggling to make them progress, and we learn that after Saudi Arabia and Brazil, it is now officially the Serbian regulators who have approved the takeover, unconditionally.

3 signatures out of 16, it’s not insane, especially since the main ones are still to be convinced and precisely, according to the sources of the very informed Reuters, Microsoft is focusing on the European Union currently in Phase 2 of its investigation, approving the comments of the New York Times on the fact that the company intends to lay on the table a 10-year contract guaranteeing that if the takeover is validated, the license call of duty would continue to be released on PlayStation media, in physical, digital and even in the Cloud if Sony is interested.

This would be the biggest argument (accompanied by others of which we know nothing) in order to drastically speed up the procedure of the European Commission. In the event of approval, a snowball effect would thus be created which would increase the chances of validation with UK & US regulators to finally close this long affair.

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