Seine-et-Marne: She orders an iPhone and receives… a ball joint!

The amazon package was not correct and since then it has been a hassle! ©Illustration/adobestock

It was supposed to be a birthday present. But the party was ruined. On October 24, Valérie, resident of Savigny-le-Temple, orders a green iPhone 13 for her husband’s birthday. An order worth €860 a priori without concern for this regular on the online sales site, which has registered almost 180 orders in 12 years on the platform.

“I ordered the phone with a shell,” explains Valérie. I received the case two days later. So on October 31st I receive a notification about the second package with a security code. I was not at home, so I gave the code to my son, who received the package”.

Back home, Valérie is clearly in a hurry to unwrap the famous gift. But she discovers, in a package the size of an iPhone, a ball joint from Germany.

They expected an Iphone which I never received!


“There was immediate panic on board,” she admits. But hey, I trust Amazon, I’ve never had a problem before, I tell myself it’s a mistake and everything will be back to normal”.

She immediately contacted Amazon customer service, where she was told that the amount held would of course be refunded. “They immediately sent me the label to return the wrong package and I sent it back on November 2.”

It is from there that the galley begins. On November 10, Valérie received an email from Amazon telling her that they had still not received the iPhone and therefore could not proceed with the refund. Dozens of exchanges via email, phone and chat then follow to resolve the issue.

“I was then told once again not to worry, that a solution would be found,” she recalls. Except Amazon was actually waiting for me to send them back an iPhone that I never received! And in the meantime, sure of my fact, I had ordered another Iphone while I was waiting for the refund of the first phone that I received this time. After their reply on November 10th, I decided to step up. On November 12th I contacted Fevad (federation of e-commerce and distance selling, editor’s note) and on November 18th I filed a complaint with the Moissy-Cramayel police station, a complaint which I sent a copy to Amazon” .

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For me, Amazon is over

Two initiatives that have clearly made things happen since at the beginning of last week, Fevad contacted Valérie again to tell her that her problem had been taken care of, before an email from Amazon’s dispute department, on Wednesday the 7th. December, who confirmed “taking responsibility” of the application submitted to Fevad (…) We have to investigate the problem and it may take longer than usual to find the best solution”.

“Up until now everything has always gone well with them,” she explains. But we don’t see the end of it there! When I spoke to the Moissy police station and searched the internet, I discovered things that I had not even imagined! I found e.g. people who had a ceramic hob delivered in their mailbox. There are hundreds of examples like this! Anyway, for me Amazon is over, I will never recommend again. Too bad for them ! »

Contacted on Thursday, December 8th, Amazon services assured us “that they are taking this issue seriously. We will do everything we can to resolve this issue. Customer service and the dispute department have taken over this file to see why there was this error, but we will find a solution Our main goal is customer satisfaction”.

And this story finally ended with a “happy ending” before the holidays, since Friday, December 9, and after a good month of stress, Amazon finally informed Valérie that the refund was in progress…

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