Road Safety recalls the importance of reflective devices

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This weekend, on the night of October 29 to 30, we are switching to winter time. If we gain an hour of sleep, it also gets dark earlier, reducing visibility on the road even more quickly. The latter remains essential for the driver in order to guarantee not only his safety but also that of his passengers as well as other road users. It is in this context that a study reveals that a majority of French people are less serene at the wheel of their car when visibility is at half mast.

The figure: 90% of two-wheeler users worried on the road after dark

A study conducted by Harris Interactive for the Assurance Prévention associationbetween the October 6 and 11 last, reveals that 82% of drivers surveyed* are worried about their safety on the road when visibility drops, at night or in fog.

Cyclists and drivers of motorized two-wheelers harbor even more apprehension since they are 90% to feel vulnerable on the road.

Time change and reduced visibility: a reminder from Road Safety

While temperatures (still mild for the season) should gradually drop, the Ministry of the Interior and Road Safety wanted to raise awareness among road users by encouraging them to be extra vigilant when traveling. It is in a press release made public this Wednesday by the Directorate General of Homeland Securitythat we learn that the number of cyclists injured on the bike has increased by 21% Between 2019 and 2021despite the period of health crisis which limited travel.

Road Safety reminds pedestrians, cyclists and scooter users “the importance of making oneself visible, and invites motorists to redouble our vigilance vis-à-vis these vulnerable users ». They are encouraged to wear light clothes and to opt for retro-reflective devices (vest, armband, gloves, strips on the backpack, schoolbag, etc.)”.

Did you know ? The so-called retroreflective systems are also called reflectors.

Remember that black clothing is much less visible: users who wear it are only visible 20 meters… However, a driver must have 25 meters to immobilize your vehicle on a dry surface (38 meters wet). This means that it is important to be dressed in light and to make sure that you have reflective accessories with you. When users are equipped with them, they are visible 150 meters.

Finally, the study further tells us that 38% of electric scooter users do not turn on their lights andone in two cyclists does not wear light-reflecting accessories.

*Survey carried out on a sample of 2,039 people, representative of French people, aged 18 and over.

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