Real estate credit: this interest-free loan that must be requested before the end of 2022

The conditions of access to property are becoming more complicated for many households. If you can claim it, the zero rate loan (PTZ) could allow you to realize your project. But be careful, remember to ask your bank quickly before it’s too late.

Hardening of the conditions of granting, increase of the interest rates, low rate of wear… these last months, all the factors come together to complicate the access to the credit of many households. And especially the most modest. Result: the number of real estate loans granted has fallen in recent months. According to the latest data from the Crédit Logement-CSA Observatory published this week, between August and September this figure fell by 34.7% over one year. To obtain financing and hope to see your real estate purchase project materialize, the zero rate loan (PTZ) can be one of the solutions to consider. Provided, of course, that you are eligible for this regulated loan.

If that is the case, don’t wait too long to file your application, at the risk of changing the fiscal year. In most banks, it is indeed the last straight line to take advantage of a zero rate loan (PTZ) based on the income of the year N-2. Given the processing times, the majority of banks no longer study files submitted after November. However, if the bank does not process your file this year and you have received a salary increase, you may no longer be eligible for this assistance next year.

What rate for your project?

How do you know if you are eligible for the PTZ in 2022?

The zero-rate loan is a regulated interest-free loan, set up to facilitate access to property, particularly for low-income households. Thus, it requires meeting a certain number of criteria: income conditions, conditions on future housing or improvement works and of course, being a first-time buyer. The latter can only be granted in addition to another loan (loan under agreement, loan for social accession, classic mortgage, etc.) to buy or build a home.

In concrete terms, to obtain it, the accommodation purchased must be intended to become your primary residence and you don’t have to not own your current home (except for exceptions). Regarding your reference tax income, it must not exceed a certain amount depending on the composition of your household and the area where you buy your future property. Furthermore, the tax revenues to be provided are those of year N-2. Thus, if you make your request before the end of the year 2022, it is the reference tax income for 2020, entered on the tax notice for 2021.

What future for the PTZ?

In a context of new housing crisis, if the Pôle Habitation of the French Building Federation is mobilizing to establish a PTZ financing up to 40% of the total cost of the real estate project throughout France, the deputies would like to restrict access to the latter. Invoking “the inefficiency of PTZ devices to facilitate access to property”, an amendment had been tabled by three Renaissance deputies removing the PTZ in zones B2 and C. This measure, which should be included in particular in the final version of the finance bill for 2023 was finally excluded. In October 2021, the Minister responsible for Housing announced the end of the PTZ for the end of 2022. This has since been postponed to December 31, 2023.

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