Qatar’s warning against European measures

European Parliament measures against Qatar, whose access to the assembly could be blocked in connection with an alleged corruption case, will have a “negative impact” on relations with the gas-rich emirate and global energy supplies, Doha warned on Sunday. The opening of an investigation in Brussels targeting in particular the Greek MEP Eva Kaili, suspected of having been paid by Qatar to defend the interests of the country currently hosting the World Cup, has shaken the institution.

Last Thursday in Strasbourg, MEPs voted almost unanimously in favor of a text “calling for the suspension of access permits for representatives of Qatar’s interests” during the investigation. The decision rests with the President of the European Parliament, Roberta Metsola. “The decision to impose such a discriminatory restriction on Qatar, limiting dialogue and cooperation before the conclusion of the legal process, will have a negative impact on regional and global security cooperation, as well as on ongoing discussions on global energy scarcity and security.” a Qatari diplomat said on Sunday.

Qatar is one of the largest producers of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the world, along with the United States and Australia. Since the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, it has been increasingly courted by European countries, in search of an alternative to Russian gas.

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