Promo: 2 TB of happiness in this Crucial MX500 SSD validated by Amazon

News good plan Promo: 2 TB of happiness in this Crucial MX500 SSD validated by Amazon

What if I tell you that you can have a 2TB SSD for just over $150? And no ! You’re not dreaming, your life is about to change its turn (I’m abusing) with this reduction on this SSD which inherits the title of Choice from Amazon.

159€ for 2 TB, quite simply

If you venture on the Apple site for example, you can see the staggering prices they apply on iPhone, Mac or iPad models when you want to add more storage. Prices skyrocket very quickly for SSDs, up to €1 for 1 GB…

If we followed this logic, this MX500 SSD of 2 TB should therefore cost 2000€. A huge difference that should make you put the price of this Crucial SSD into perspective. It does not have the highest speed on the market, but as an SSD, it already offers performance light years ahead of the old hard drive you might have in your PC.

Buy the Crucial MX500 2TB Internal SSD for $159.99 on Amazon

Sold at only €159.99 instead of €200, Amazon recognizes the value of this product (and surely sells many of them) by awarding it the “Amazon’s Choice” mark.

An aggressive value for money for this Crucial 2 TB SSD

The Crucial MX500 SSD further benefits from 3D Nand technology which allows it to reach very fast speeds for a classic SSD, of the order of 560 MB/s in reading and 510 MB/s in reading. With this you will be on top to launch your operating system in a handful of seconds and the loading times in your games will be considerably reduced.

  • 2.5” SATA SSDs : Over the past ten years, they have taken over from conventional HDDs to store operating systems and games. So we went from launching Windows in 1 to 3 minutes, to just ten seconds with these small flat discs. Although they are limited by the constraints of the SATA ports, we obtain speeds of the order of 550 MB/s, which is 3 to 4 times faster than HDDs.

The MX500 is first and foremost an extremely reliable way to store your data. It absorbs shocks well, has a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty (although it can potentially last decades) and even has a power outage protection feature.

Here is the complete test of this SSD made by JV Tech.

Buy the Crucial MX500 2TB Internal SSD for $159.99 on Amazon

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