Prince Harry: dad under ‘laughing gas’, baby with ‘head stuck’ … his revelations about Archie’s birth

In his book The Substitute, Prince Harry returns to his wife’s chaotic birth in 2019, when she gave birth to little Archie.

  • In we book The Substitute, Prince Harry returns to the birth of little Archie
  • After witnessing Meghan Markle’s birth, he remembers how complicated things were
  • It describes in detail what they experienced

It is a memory that he will keep deeply rooted in his memory. On May 6, 2019, Meghan Markle gave birth to her first child. A little boy, named Archie, which will make both parents happy. But before they could enjoy their baby, Prince Harry and his wife experienced a very special birth. In his book, christened, The deputy, Prince William’s brother reflects on the birth of his child, who was born in the maternity ward in Portland. Triggered, Meghan Markle had the chance to give birth under an epidural. But the product “didn’t go to the right place”.

Indeed, Prince Harry will return with emotion to his wife’s chaotic birth. “Then things calmed down and rushed. Two hours later the doctor came back and put on a pair of latex gloves. ‘Here we are,’ she said. I stood at the head of the bed, I squeezed Meg’s hand and encouraged her”. But many complications arose. “The obstetrician gave her a small hand mirror. When I looked in it, I saw the baby’s skull reflected in it. Her head was stuck. Caught in the cord.” As an invested father, Prince Harry will then go out of his way to encourage his wife. “I said to Meg, ‘My love, you have to push’. I didn’t tell him why. I didn’t tell him about the umbilical cord, I didn’t mention the possibility of an emergency C-section.”he explains in his memoirs.

Prince Harry’s heartbreaking secrets of Archie’s birth

Prince Harry then went out of his way not to worry his wife.I just breathed, ‘Give it everything you’ve got.’ And that’s what she did.” Prince Harry then admits that the hours leading up to the delivery of his wife were very difficult. Under laughing gas to relax, Meghan Markle tried to “give nature a helping hand” by jumping on a balloon before labor begins. Prince Harry then mentions a press release that will issue at the time of the birth of their son that Meghan Markle has just returned to full birth. A lie. “‘You know she’s out of labor,’ I said to Sara [Latham, alors directrice de leur communication, ndlr.] She explained to me that we had to give the press the dramatic and suspenseful story that she required,” he remembers and clarifies “keeping people going was all that mattered”.

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