Prime Video, free shipping, which service are you most interested in?

The Amazon subscription offers access to many services from Jeff Bezos’ company, from fast and free delivery to the SVoD platform and Prime Gaming. But do all these services offered interest you and do you use them?

Amazon Prime // Source: Marks Thomas via Unsplash

Amazon is making a fuss with its Amazon Prime subscription, the price of which increased significantly in September. If many must know Prime Video, the SVoD platform to which subscribers have access, or free delivery and in one working day, other services are included in the subscription. This is the case of Amazon Music, a music streaming service which allows its subscribers to have access to 100 million titles against 2 previously, with a size restriction however.

Amazon Prime: the subscription that gives you everything, even what you don’t need?

To summarize, the Amazon Prime subscription includes:

  • Free one-day delivery
  • Access to Prime Video, Amazon’s SVoD platform
  • Amazon Prime Music, with a catalog of 100 million titles
  • Prime Gaming, which includes a paid subscription on Twitch and content (DLC, cosmetics) on PC games
  • Amazon Photos: unlimited photo storage space
  • Prime Reading: access to a catalog of books on Kindle
  • Access to Amazon’s flash sales 30 minutes before non-subscribers
  • Access to Prime Day: promotional periods on Amazon

It must be recognized that Amazon Music or Amazon Photos are not among the most renowned services in their category. However, they are indeed part of the Prime subscription. With all these services, Amazon Prime seems a bit cluttered and some like Prime Video, Prime Music or Prime Reading also aim to convert subscribers to more complete and therefore more expensive formulas. Thus, one may wonder whether these services represent a certain interest for subscribers and/or those who are considering subscribing to them.

The question is, which services included in the Amazon Prime subscription are you most interested in, whether you are a subscriber or not?


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