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Amazon Studios is currently preparing a series on the Fallout video game universe. Release date, plot, artistic cast, latest rumors: we take stock of everything we know so far.

Will Vault 33, little known, be at the center of the story of the series? © Amazon Studios

fallout is the next video game franchise to get a full-scale television adaptation, courtesy of Amazon Studios. The news had been announced on Besthesda and Amazon Twitter accounts in 2020, with a short 20 second teaser which did not reveal any additional information.

Details are currently scarce regarding the plot of the upcoming series (which is currently in production), although it is already known that it will be set in a retrofuturistic alternate future, set decades after a nuclear war between China and the United States which left most of the world a scorched wasteland.

Fallout series: what release date and on which SVOD platform?

Series fallout currently does not have a set release date, although it is known to arrive in mid to late 2023, depending on its development. When the series is ready, it will stream online via Amazon Prime Video, with episodes likely weekly.

Filming for the series began on July 5, 2022, with production to take place between New Jersey, New York, and Utah.

Fallout series: who are the directors?

The series is developed by Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan for the Amazon Prime Video streaming service. It is based on the role-playing video game franchise of the same name created by Interplay Entertainment and owned by Bethesda Softworks.

Todd Howard, director of various games in the series, was hired as executive producer, alongside Joy and Nolan. The duo Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Graham Wagner were announced as the series’ showrunners in January 2022.

Fallout series: what artistic distribution?

So far we know that the British actress Ella Purnell (seen in Yellowjackets and Star Trek: Prodigy) was chosen to play the main role. Walton Goggins (which we saw in justified Where The Shield), will play the second leading role.

Ella Purnell will star in the Fallout series
Ella Purnell will star in the Fallout series © Rights Reserved

We don’t know much about them, other than that Ella Purnell will play ” an optimistic, direct and dangerous person, with a very American spirit “. Goggins, meanwhile, will embody a ghoulone of the human characters horribly disfigured by radiation exposure in the video game universe.

Walton Goggins © Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Walton Goggins will play a ghoul in the Fallout series © Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

Kyle MacLachlan (preview in Twin Peaks Where Portlandia) will be the third lead actor, in an as-yet-unknown role. The cast of the series will also consist ofAaron Moten (disjointed) and of
Xelia Mendes-Jones (Without Comic). Their respective roles remain unknown to this day.

As for who should appear, it must be said that there are many excellent characters in the series who deserve to appear on screen. Detective Nick Valentine (Fallout 4) has a deep backstory that is definitely worth looking into, as does fellow supermutant Lily Bowen (Fallout: New Vegas), just as complex, or the ghoul John Hancock (Fallout 4).

Fallout series: plot, era, shelter, scenario, everything we know so far

The plot of the series fallout will be strongly inspired by the games of the same namethe action taking place in ” a world where the future envisioned by Americans in the late 1940s explodes on itself through a nuclear war that begins in 2077 “.

In the lore of video games, this date marks the beginning of the Great War, a thermonuclear disaster that began (and ended) on Saturday, October 23, 2077 when nuclear weapons were launched by the United States, China and the USSR. The exchange lasted approximately two hours, according to most survivor reports. With the last atomic bomb and the last nuclear warhead dropped, the world sank into the deep darkness of a nuclear holocaust.

A nuclear detonation in Boston, Massachusetts in Fallout 4 © Bethesda Softworks
A nuclear detonation in Boston, Massachusetts in Fallout 4 © Bethesda Softworks

The consequences of the Great War are catastrophic: it destroys the vast majority of the Earth, leaves billions dead and creates a nuclear wasteland populated by mutated creatures. This war also gave rise to a new species of beings human-like ghouls, called “post-humans” for their ability to resist radiation and their appearance as living, rotting corpses.

So far and as we told you, we know that Walton Goggins will play a ghoul, which could indicate that the series should focus on the genetic and personal fallout of the Great War and its impact on post-apocalyptic society.

As Fallout 34 and 76, series fallout in live-action should take place on the east coastas there are no known Super-Duper Mart locations on the West Coast (where fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout: New Vegas). Indeed, a Youtubeur had unveiled, in video, the set of the filming of the series. There were a few rusty vehicles in the parking lot of a Super-Duper Mart.

A few months ago, several images from the series ended up online. A series of photos showed an actor wearing one of Vault-Tec’s signature blue jumpsuits, the interior of a shelter, power armor, and control panels used to operate the automatic doors in the shelters.

The commands for the doors of Vault 33?  @HunterWorldv2
The commands for the doors of Vault 33? @HunterWorldv2
Power armor captured on the set of the Fallout series © @HunterWorldv2
Power armor captured on the set of the Fallout @ HunterWorldv2 series

Later, and although it is uncertain whether the image was concept art or a photo, the number 33 was seen on the backs of two figures in the foreground of an image, suggesting that Vault 33 will appear in the series. The image also shows a newcomer as well as the feet of a corpse just inside the open door of the shelter. If it is designed in appearance like those of Fallout 4 et Fallout 76the font of the number 33 on the cover suits seems to be inspired by early games such as Fallout 1.

Fallout Series © Amazon Studios
Shelter 33 © Amazon Studios

Recently, director Jonathan Nolan was interviewed on set of the TV series while sipping Nuka-Cola, with the Wasteland in the background and power armor on the side. It is possible that this is the exterior of Vault 33, although nothing is certain at this stage.

This is, for now, all we know about the series. fallout. We will update this file as we collect relevant information.

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