players sue Microsoft to block acquisition

Hoping to stop Microsoft’s ongoing acquisition of Activision Blizzard, a group of Call of Duty players have filed a private lawsuit in California against Xbox maker Microsoft.

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Thanks to an antitrust law, ordinary citizens can also sue companies to prevent monopoly formation, and 10 ordinary Americans have banded together to take advantage. This group of players is therefore likely seeking to prevent Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard. by filing a federal lawsuit in San Francisco.

While Microsoft has been hoping to acquire Activision Blizzard for months now for $68.7 billion, the complaint claims it would give the American giant way too much control over the gaming landscape in the US.

Gamers sue Microsoft over Activision takeover

This new class action therefore mirrors the FTC’s complaint, which alleged thatsuch an acquisition would allow Microsoft to do so distant competitors ” in the area. However, Microsoft has not said its last word, and is now ready to do whatever it takes for the various regulators to validate the takeover of the studio.

Not surprisingly, the complaint goes on to allege that the new company ” will significantly reduce competition “and” could tend to create monopoly in various markets “. Microsoft had already bought Rare in 2002 and then Minecraft publisher Mojang in 2014, but that had not stopped it from continuing to offer the games on various platforms.

The group of players also claims that the merger will have an impact on the labor market in the gaming area by combining two of the largest companies employing people with skills in game development. The lawsuit points out that the size of the two companies’ gaming divisions is already the result of previous mergers.

In a statement to Bloomberg Law, a Microsoft spokesperson defended the planned merger. ” This move will increase competition and create more opportunities for players and game developers as we seek to bring more games to more people. “, we can read in the statement from Microsoft.

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