People prefer to work at Samsung rather than at Apple or Microsoft

The South Korean company is currently the best place to work, according to its own employees.

A lot can be said about Samsung: that they have some of the best devices on the market, that their advertising strategies are sometimes the craziest and that sometimes they love to provoke. But there is another fact that doesn’t seem to be talked about too much and which, strange as it may seem, can also be considered part of the key to its success.

And it is that Samsung is considered one of the best places to work in the world, even ahead of Apple, Microsoft or Alphabet. Their employees consider that they don’t have bad bosses, and it shows in a very particular ranking.

Three years in a row of being the best bosses

People prefer to work at Samsung rather than at Apple or Microsoft

Image of Samsung headquarters in South Korea

Like every year, Forbes magazine has published its list of the best employers in the world, and Samsung has once again topped it for the third consecutive year. To prepare it, Forbes surveyed more than 150,000 employees at 800 companies located in the US, UK, Germany and other countries.

Survey participants were asked to rate their willingness to recommend the company they work for to family and friends. They were also asked to rate their businesses in areas such as economic impact, gender equality and talent development. In all of them, Samsung swept.

In Forbes, they explain that we are experiencing a phenomenon known as “The Great Quit,” in which many people voluntarily quit their jobs. Indeed, workers no longer value only a high salary today. They also want a workplace that provides them with opportunity, work-life balance, and professional purpose.

Amid all this time, Samsung has been the best saver; while Microsoft, IBM, Alphabet and Apple follow in descending order. It is worth mentioning that Forbes also considers the Korean company the best for workers who have just graduated.

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