pasta, coffee, spices… the prettiest glass storage jars to purify your kitchen

At a time when everything must become aesthetic, leaving packages of pasta half open, jars of spices of different brands and sizes or even packets of sweets that have been opened… is considered a minor fault in taste. On social networks, since confinement, fashion has been for purification and standardization in all rooms of the house, and even in the kitchen!
To achieve this and transform your kitchen into a sublime pantry of modern times, just bet on a few glass storage jars that are available in large quantities on Amazon. The famous eshop is indeed full of round or rectangular models, small or large, airtight, easily washable and reusable to store pasta, spices, coffee, sweets, jam or even rice, oats and all kinds of condiments. Then all you have to do is stick beautiful labels on it to note the name of the products contained! Here is a selection of pretty models unearthed on Amazon:

Set of 3 Airtight Glass Jars with Wooden Lid – €30.99

6 Jars Kitchen Storage and Conservation for Spices, Coffee… with Bamboo Lid – 50,99€

Set of 3 Airtight Jars in Verrea with Lid and Spoon for Spices, Coffee, Tea, Jam – 30,99€

Set of 5 Hermetic Glass Food Storage Jars with Bamboo Lid – 21,99€

Set of 12 Glass Jars for Kitchen Storage – €54.99

12 Hermetic Glass Jars with Bamboo Lid – 31,99€

Set of 4 Dishwasher-safe Hermetic Glass Jars – €34.99

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Elizabeth Sall

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