Optimize your pension with property or life insurance

Invest in real estate

A sector that is still growing without depreciation. Real estate can have many advantages compared to stock market investments or “classic” mutual funds.

Real estate offers predictable cash flow ; its value increases in line with inflation; it provides a higher return thanks to a positive leverage effect; and it provides growth in equity by reducing debt. for retirement, Real estate can be an independent asset unlike other forms of income which are self-supporting assets.

Direct rental of real estate

There are several ways to invest in direct rental real estate. The first way is to acquire a new property in order to rent it out and collect a monthly rent. The advantage of this investment method is that it allows you to benefit from a tax exemption thanks to the Pinel Law that regulates it.

For the same rental purpose, it is also possible to make an acquisition in the old one.

If these two types of investments require the investor to pay various types of taxes and duties in addition to finding his future tenant himself. The other way for a person to invest in rental property is tochoose a managed investment by buying a property in a nursing home or senior housingr.

Preparing for retirement with SCPI

Investment in a Société Civile de Placement Immobilier or in support of stone paper is also a way in which you can calmly prepare for retirement. The goal is toinvest indirectly in real estate by using management companies.

In fact, when a person makes an investment in SCPI, they are making an investment with a company that will use its funds with other investors’ funds in real estate.

In exchange for its location, the management company will pay the investor a rent proportional to his investment capital.

Preparation for retirement with LMNP

As a reminder, an investor can acquire the status of LMNP if it makes an investment in real estate and offers it for furnished rent in senior housing or in study accommodation.

In addition to receiving a monthly rental income, LMNP status has another benefit. It actually allows you to take advantage of one favorable taxation.

Invest in life insurance

When you are considering making a capitalization investment toprovide extra income for retirementit is more than important to choose the right support.

Today, there are several savings products that enable employees to prepare for retirement. Between savings products designed specifically for retirement, various regulated and unregulated passbook accounts or real estate investments. Choosing the perfect medium can be confusing.

When choosing, always assumean investment will only be beneficial if it matches their investor profile. It is therefore important to adapt your savings to your goals. This is all the more true if we choose for the planning of our retirement an investment in life insurance.

Life insurance is this financial support that allows a person to make investments to benefit a designated person when the contract expires or if something happens to the subscriber. In France, there are two types of life insurance contracts:

  • Life insurance, where the policyholder himself can be the beneficiary of the established capital
  • Life insurance in the event of death, where the funds the saver has built up are transferred to the beneficiaries he has designated during his lifetime.

In both cases, life insurance is a savings product that allows you to enjoy certain tax benefits. It is a popular way to save for retirement.

Our tips for preparing for retirement

The old-age pension has so far been based on a solidarity distribution system, where active employees contribute to compensating their elderly. With the new Macron reform, which allows for a universal points system for retirement, it may be interesting to think about planning your pension as soon as possible to best anticipate your departure with the best conditions. Here are some tips to help you prepare better:

  • Master the calculation of your floor planto determine at what age you can retire with a reasonable old-age pension
  • Invest in savings plans as soon as possible (Note that this should also be done according to your age to benefit from all its benefits)
  • Consider taking out appropriate health insurance to your situation to save money.

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