Opening of a new Passerelles session, a mentoring system at the

The members of Parité Assurance accompany other women to help them progress in their careers. A great start for a new edition of the program, with the creation of around ten pairs of mentors and mentees.

Launched in 2015, the Passerelles system has already enabled many women to access positions at Codir and Comex. Concretely, this mentoring system is based on an exchange of experiences between the mentor and the mentee, on the register of listening and mutual aid. The mentors are members of Parité assurance, occupying positions of responsibility. As for the mentees, they are women, managers with a professional development project, and eager to benefit from the experience of the mentor. All work in the field of insurance or health.

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The Passerelles system, entirely voluntary and free, lasts six months, with one meeting per month. The content of the meetings is based on a charter and a facilitation guide, designed by Parité assurance. Each mentor-mentee pair will be able to create their own personalized course.

To understand the contributions of this approach, we asked for their testimony from people who participated in the program, mentor and mentee.

Isabelle Hébert, mentor:

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