OneNote UWP says goodbye to the Microsoft Store

More than a year ago, Microsoft announced a complete OneNote app revolution. As some of you know, until now, two similar applications existed side by side: OneNote and OneNote for Windows 10. The latter was a UWP application (in fact, one of the best that ever existed) specially designed for tablets, with exquisite performance in touch and pen operation.

However, Microsoft is in no mood to double down. With the failure of UWP and the launch of Windows App SDK (the new framework that allows WinRT APIs to be used with Win32 APIs), Microsoft has found the perfect excuse to lead by example and use OneNote as a benchmark. ‘test. The goal? A single OneNote app with the best of both worlds.

OneNote to rule them all

This unification today takes an irreversible step with the disappearance of the OneNote UWP application from the Microsoft Store. Instead, we will only be able to find the “new” application, which is nothing more than the classic OneNote desktop client with a visual renovation and some added functions.

However, as many users point out, this app still falls short of the unfortunate UWP in terms of performance. good to the touch and enjoy a ink fluid. The old app will continue to work and receive support updates (without new features) until October 2025. You can continue to download it from this link.

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