On Netflix and Amazon Prime Video: two films and a series for a memorable evening!

It’s vacation, it’s cold… so we stay quiet at home, warm, and we get carried away by our beautiful proposal SVoD streaming platforms favorites, that’s an order! Also, to help you the editors at CNET France made a small sorting of the catalogues Netflix and Amazon Prime videojust to spend an evening at the top!

Tonight we dive into the heart of a mafia family with the ultimate The Godfatherwe are looking for missing little girls in prisonersand we find the Addams family in Wednesday.

What movies and series should you watch on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video tonight?

One of the best films in the seventh art: The Godfather (Netflix)


In 1945, in New York, the Corleones are one of the mafia’s most powerful families, led with an iron fist by Vito Corleone. After an assassination attempt leaves Vito debilitated, one of his sons, Michael, who is opposed to the family business, retaliates. Forced into exile in Sicily, he sees his new wife murdered before his eyes. Back in the US, he is preparing to take over from his father.

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What to say about The Godfather what hasn’t been said yet? We are in 1972 and Francis Ford Coppola unveils the first piece of a trilogy that will mark the history of the seventh art. The Godfather is a masterpiece of indisputable technical mastery and, above all, a lesson in screenwriting.

The Godfather is a movie about the mafia. But not one that shoots first just to give the viewer their share of the action. No, here we are told about honor, power, debt, betrayal… The mafia has its codes, its rules, its tragedies. Quicksand where the more we fight, the more it swallows and kills us.

The Godfather is a film about family. A family where we love each other is divided; where fate leads us into a war of succession, jealousy, inevitable. The director signs a blood fresco that leaves no member unscathed.

The Godfather is a film about a man. A man wonderfully embodied by a Al Pacino sometimes with a skin-deep sensitivity, sometimes with a hideous coldness. A man torn between his aspirations and family matters.

The Godfather is a timeless, detailed, intense, major work that can never be equaled except … by its successor.

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The movie that made Denis Villeneuve famous: prisoners (Amazon Prime Video)


In a suburb of Boston, two little girls disappear. And while the prime suspect is quickly released, for lack of evidence, the chances of finding them alive are dwindling. A race against time begins, and Detective Loki hopes to solve this investigation before Keller, the father of one of the two girls who is enraged, does irreparable damage.

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Despite a very Fire a few years ago, it really is prisoners which allowed Denis Villeneuve to get on the list of directors to follow very, very closely.

It must be said that the Canadian filmmaker manages to transform a fairly classic scenario on paper into a thriller of implacable coldness that marked the year of release with its stamp. A film where we constantly navigate the troubled waters of morality and constantly question our notions of good and evil.

One of those gut-wrenching films, formidable, poignant, whose story we follow with a lump in our throats, watching the end arrive with as much dread as relief. We are turned upside down, but we can breathe again.

prisoners also offers a golden bridge to its actors, all of whom are exceptional. And if Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal compete in presence, we must welcome the discomfort constantly created by one Paul Dano who wouldn’t have stolen a few award show nominations.

prisoners is a harrowing must-see thriller on Amazon Prime Video.

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The series centered on the best of Addams: Wednesday (Netflix)


Unable to fit into a normal high school, Wednesday Addams arrives at Nevermore, a school for paranormal children. At first eager to escape, a series of murders piques her interest in the place.

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Since its creation in 1938 in the form of a strip by Charles Addams, the Addams family has never ceased to fascinate young and old, knowing many adaptations in various forms. Except the latest one has decided to think outside the box by focusing on the family’s most popular: Wednesday.

Brilliantly executed by Christina Ricci in the two films of the 90s, the young Addams takes on the traits of Jenna Ortega for this Netflix series. A little older for sure, but still just as devilishly brilliant! The actress easily manages to find the right tone for her character and combines her coldest expressions with macabre gestures.

The show also seems designed to appeal to newcomers as well as fans with the presence of two names in the cast to accompany Ortega well. First, the presence of Christina Ricci herself in a different role. A wink appreciated, especially since the actress shows that she always fits perfectly into this universe.

So the presence of Tim Burton for the production of four episodes (out of the eight in this first season). The director here draws an Arlesian, as the Addams family has always seemed to be a golden subject for those who like to highlight the strangest creatures.

About Wednesday is sometimes a little too content to be another teenage show with a detective dimension reminiscent of the two Enola Holmespresent on the platform, we cannot deny that thanks to Jenna Ortega and the Addams universe, we are captivated by the game. When is the sequel coming?

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