On Netflix and Amazon Prime Video: 2 movies and a series to end 2022 well

Disappointed with your Christmas presents? Did you receive the DVD of a movie you didn’t like in the theater? Rest assured, SVoD streaming platforms have more than enough to make up for your disappointment in their catalogs. The proof with the selection you have prepared the editors at CNET France on Netflix and Amazon Prime video.

Tonight we delve into the drug hell on the US-Mexico border Sicariowe are rewriting Hollywood history i Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood and we’re trying to save the agency with Sterling Archer in it Archer season 13.

Which movies and series should you watch tonight on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video?

The hard-hitting detective thriller: Sicario (Amazon Prime Video)


A young FBI recruit with well-established ideals joins a task force fighting drug trafficking on the US-Mexico border. On the spot, she will confront the reality on the ground and she will have to question her beliefs if she wants to survive.

The opinion of CNET France

In 2015 Denis Villeneuvewho has become a director to follow since prisoners (Where Fires for the purists), teams up with a screenwriter just starting out, Taylor Sheridan. Sicario is the result of the meeting between two future main figures in Hollywood. This gives a small idea of ​​the slap we will take.

Because how can you not talk about a slap? Denis Villeneuve composes his images with surgical precision, allowing Sheridan’s suffocating political thriller to fully express itself. In a genre that has nevertheless known many great works, the duo manages to make its mark and sign one of its greatest representatives.

Sicario is a shocking, dark, uncompromising film that crushes its heroine under the weight of a harsh reality where the end justifies the means. Sheridan straddles the line between good and evil, with Villeneuve sticking us to the couch in a freeway action scene. Disturbing. Exciting.

Sicario is a film as tense as it is effective, which leaves a bitter taste in the mouth while having the feeling of having gone to great cinema.

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Quentin Tarantino’s declaration of love for cinema: Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood (Netflix)


In 1969, the entire film industry experienced a break-up. Which is not to the liking of Rick Dalton and his stunt double, Cliff Booth.

The opinion of CNET France

Leonardo DiCaprio, brad pitt and Margot Robbie in front of the camera Quentin Tarantino ? The presence ofAl Pacino, Margaret Qualley, Emile Hirsch, Timothy Olyphant, Dakota Fanning, Bruce Dern, Kurt Russell in the credits? An entire episode of Hollywood’s great history told by one of the most film-loving directors of his generation? What more do you have to throw yourself into Once Upon A Time…in Hollywood ?

An impressive cast on top of which sits a DiCaprio and a Pitt at the top of their art, playing with an iconization of which they are two of the greatest current representatives of two scales as different as they are complementary. An iconization clearly highlighted by a filmmaker who has become a master of glorifying his actors by offering them notable and noted roles in their filmography, and who has no intention of deviating from his rule.

But Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood it is also the vision of a fantasy world where the cinema once again becomes this dream machine, even within a reality that tends to crush it. It is a tribute filled with love to those who keep this industry alive, these forgotten or unknown faceless, without whom nothing happens and thanks to whom everything is saved.

Quentin Tarantino signs here his most complete and tender film and takes a funny and moving look at his heroes. A sincere desire to highlight a universe of possibilities. A fantasy world where anything can happen.

A controlled, touching, complete feature film. A river movie. A work of pure film.

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The Thirteenth Mission of the Worst Spy in the World: Archer (Netflix)


After Malory’s departure, Archer finds himself in an agency now controlled by an unscrupulous businessman. It doesn’t take much for the spy who doesn’t obey the rules… to do it even less.

The opinion of CNET France

Will it be difficult after twelve seasons to Archer to surprise us? Quite. Does he still always manage to make us laugh? Quite.

This season 3 of the successful animated series does not reinvent its recipe, and although it now has to compose without one of its greatest assets in the form of Malory Archer (after the death of the actress Jessica Walter who lent her voice), she stays the course by challenging our characters to new challenges.

Especially since his mother’s absence allows Sterling to be even more obnoxious than usual, the one who no longer has anyone to try to keep him on track. With a leadership war as a background, the writers still manage to develop their hero, who would almost win in maturity… almost.

When we talk aboutArcher, we must never forget to pay tribute to the amazing work of the French dubbing (yes), who always delight us equally by adapting every valve to our own culture. Especially since their tone often matches their protagonist’s personality more than the American voices (yes).

In short, as usual Archer has only one major flaw: its far too short duration. We can’t wait to see the result of the change in the management of the agency during the next season!

  • A trailer that is unlikely to change a winning team:

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