News: NATO Secretary General, UK PM Talks Strengthening of Russian Military Posture in and Around Ukraine, 10-Feb-2022

This Thursday (February 10, 2022), NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg received the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Boris Johnson, at NATO headquarters. Together they tackled the issue of strengthening the Russian military presence in and around Ukraine.

Europe is living in dangerous times right now. ” said the Secretary-General. ” Russia is gathering more and more troops. The warning time before a potential attack is shortened “. He explained that while NATO was prepared for the worst, it remained determined to find a political solution. He also repeated his invitation to Russia to continue the dialogue through a series of meetings of the NATO-Russia Council. At the same time, the Secretary General emphasized, that NATO would not compromise the fundamental principles of the right of all countries to make their own choices, and NATO’s ability to protect and defend all allies.

The Secretary-General praised the leading role played by the UK, both diplomatically and militarily. He welcomed Britain’s offer to make more troops, ships and aircraft available to NATO, a clear demonstration of Allied solidarity in action. He also welcomed Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s recent contact with President Vladimir Putin and Foreign Secretary Liz Truss’ visit to Moscow.

The Secretary General announced that at next week’s meeting of NATO Defense Ministers, the Allies would assess the options for further strengthening the Alliance’s security, including the possibility of placing additional battle groups in the south-eastern part of the Alliance’s territory. ” A return of Russia to its aggressive stance will cause NATO to strengthen its presence, not reduce it “, he added.


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