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Qivio, neo-mobility insurance, teams up with a GPS tracker system

In France, 1 two-wheeler is stolen every 10 minutes. There are currently 63 scooters stolen for every 1,000. Faced with these challenges, Qivio, neo-mobility insurance, is the first insurance company connected to a GPS tracker system.
Being able to ride freely on your two-wheeler is good, but knowing it under close supervision is even better! It is important to protect your scooter against theft by equipping it with an Invoxia GPS Tracker.

The GPS tracker from Qivio is very effective in locating and protecting your scooter against theft. It has real-time anti-theft, GPS tracking, long battery life and nearby radar with buzzer.
By offering a GPS tracker, Qivio wants to highlight the safety of each insured vehicle to its customers.
Qivio is the neo-mobility insurance that suits all profiles! It is committed to modernizing the insurance sector to make it more transparent and understandable. Thanks to its application, users can take out insurance in their own image, all the while
autonomy at an advantageous price. And if necessary, a team of experts is ready to listen to its customers.

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