Mutuelle des FAR and CNOPS merge

Mutual of Royal Armed Forces (FAR) and National Fund of Social Security Organizations (CNOPS) signed an agreement on Tuesday in Rabat that aims to strengthen their partnership and share their experience and expertise in the management ofHealth insurance.

Signed by Colonel Major Slimane Tehmounimanaging director of Mutuelle des FAR, and Abdelaziz Adnanedirector of CNOPS, this agreement reflects the excellence of the historical relations between the two parties that go back more than 6 decades and confirms their commitment to the successful construction of social protection universal which enjoys the high care of HM King Mohammed VI.

In the area of ‚Äč‚Äčimproving the services guaranteed by the two bodies and simplifying the procedures, Mutuelle des LONG and CNOPS has decided to set up a coordination committee whose mission is to exchange experiences in digitization and simplification of procedures regardingregistrationof outpatient treatment and third party paymentwhere the goal is to facilitate access to services and guarantee the protection of the recipients’ personal data.

With regard to medical checks, the directors have too FATHER Mutual and some CNOPS agree to coordinate their efforts in the areas of handling the situation people with disabilities and people withlong-term ailments and expensive.

They also agreed to work together to strengthen their anti-fraud systems and to monitor the pricing of services and to share their expertise on costs and prices regarding medical benefits just like medicinethem hospital equipmentthem biological analyses as well as other reimbursable services.

They also agreed to share their experiences in negotiating agreements with care providers and managing care at Morocco et al’foreigner.

The two parties have decided to strengthen their partnership in terms of sharing data related to investment management strategies, strengthening financial governance and managing financial reserves. They have also included in this agreement the exchange of expertise in the management of strategic programs and projects and the coordination of efforts in all areas with a view to improving medical coverage at the level of claims management, partnerships with care providers or actuarial studies.

Speech at the signing ceremony of this convention, the Major Colonel Slimane Tehmouni stressed that this partnership with CNOPS will make it possible to give new impetus to the privileged relations that unite the two parties, just as it will contribute to the consolidation of the cooperation that has always existed between FATHER Mutual and CNOPS. After noticing that the success of the construction site social protection in which Morocco is committed requires the support of all the companies concerned, the manager believed that this type of agreement constitutes an effective mechanism capable of ensuring this success and thus improving the services provided to users. In that sense, he argued that the exchange of experience and expertise will benefit members, especially through improving the quality of services and simplifying procedures.

For its part, Abdelaziz Adnane welcomed the work done at the level of FATHER Mutual, which made it possible to sign the aforementioned agreement, as well as the coordination that has always existed between the two organisations. He also reminded that the signing of this agreement takes place in a context characterized by the implementation of the royal construction site generalization of social protectionthat praises the management and quality of the services provided by the Mutuelle des FAR. Abdelaziz Adnane also insisted on the need to work on the management of the compulsory and supplementary health insurance, noting that the Mutuelle des FAR has managed to deal with expensive services.

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