Mutual: complementary health insurance is increasing, find out who is concerned!

In France, we benefit from a care system almost unique in the world. The social Security overcomes the essential, and ensures that everyone can cure. However, to cover yourself for dental or optical care, you can subscribe to complementary health insurance. Sometimes, it happens that the mutual is also supported by the employer. In any case, it turns out to be very useful for protecting the whole family against the unexpected. Unfortunately, between last year and today, the amount of contributions claimed for this kind of insurance has climbed We explain what to expect with this price increase.

Policyholders must pay more for their mutual

As a reminder, mutual insurance works like insurance which covers your health. In a healthcare system like ours, this means that your complementary pays your medical expenses not reimbursed by social security. The mutual insurance company can thus help you to choose the best pair of glasses or the dental prosthesis of your choice.

But again, as for classic insurance, not everyone has the same options. You can have a mutual that covers you very little, or a complementary that takes all care acts covered at 100%. Of course, the more your mutual provides for acts, the more it costs. And in 2022, things don’t seem to be getting better. In effect, an insurance comparator recently did a study that got people talking about it. It is Better Insurance Rates. The company conducted this survey in partnership with Europe 1 and the Echoes. The data shows that the contribution for a mutual covering a family of 4 rose by 6%.

Concretely, a household that paid 1100 euros in 2021 now pays 1712 euros for complementary health. A result that is worrying in a country like France. Indeed, the average age of the population continues to climb. And this demography assumes a strong and equitable health system.

Why this price increase?

As we stated above, theinflation affects (indirectly) all sectors. Inevitably, the care covered by mutual insurance (drugs, prostheses, etc.) is not immune to this general soaring in prices. However, the context of recent years also plays a large part in this increase.

Thus, the years 2020 and 2021 have been largely hit by the COVID crisis. And during this period, medical expenses have been in high demand. Indeed, for fight the pandemicit was necessary to make many screening tests. In addition, complications related to the epidemic required hospitalizations and unique treatments. The costs covered by your health insurance have therefore exploded. So now, this increase is felt on your contribution.

But the study published by Best Insurance Rates also shows regional disparities. Also, Mutual insurance costs remain higher in Ile-de-France than anywhere else ! In question ? The overbilling practiced by doctors and the greatest use of care in this region.

Despite this increase, having a good mutual seems more useful than ever. Indeed, our public health system is going through a difficult period, denounced by all caregivers. It is better to take one more security. Nevertheless, it should be understood that the complementary ones do not have anything accessible for the most modest.

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