Minit integrates with Power Automate to enhance its capabilities

Microsoft has announced a preview of new Minit process mining features available in Process Advisor within Microsoft Power Automate. In addition to existing Process Advisor capabilities, Microsoft customers can now leverage deeper insights to identify process bottlenecks to drive optimization and efficiency through low-code automation.

Minit, an ally in process mining that comes to Power Automate

Earlier this year, Microsoft acquired Minit, a leader in process mining, and has been working to bring its process mining experiences and capabilities to customers. In this update, Process Advisor powered by Minit showcases templates that allow customers to seamlessly drive powerful business process insights from cloud streams to Power Automate, as well as insights from Microsoft Power Virtual Agents and other registry systems such as SAP.

Better and faster results with ready-to-use templates

  • Use out-of-the-box templates for rapid deployment, from data ingestion to predefined custom reports.
  • Get quick insights into process optimization and automation opportunities.
  • Benefit from widely applicable financial use case models, including P2P, O2C, and Accounts Payable.

A video screenshot to illustrate Power Automate O2C models.

Easily prepare, transform and map data from multiple data sources

  • Use more out-of-the-box attributes, such as resources or financial amount, and schedule updates to your data feeds.
  • Easily connect to your SAP data with direct connectors and perform all necessary data transformations.
  • Access to over 250 ready-to-use connectors.
  • Easily transform data using advanced query technology.

A video screenshot showing the three steps to create a new Power Automate process

Gain deeper insights with powerful process mining analytics

  • Visualize, analyze and compare the performance of a process and its different real or simulated versions, as well as its BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) model.
  • Automatically identify recurring activities in processes, identify the root cause and impact of recurrences, and eliminate them.
  • Experience a new dimension in interpreting and simplifying process mapping, allowing you to drill down or zoom out of all process activities as needed with hierarchical process mining.
  • Use root cause analysis to uncover hidden connections in your process data and determine where and why issues are occurring.
  • Enjoy more key performance indicators (KPIs), visuals and filtering options brought by the richer data model.

A video screenshot showing how to customize statistical analysis on the Minit platform

Easily customize your reports, share them across the organization, and take action

  • Build your customer views, add your custom metrics in the desktop app, and publish them to the web.
  • Publish reports in your own workspace with Microsoft Power BI premium.
  • Use your custom views and KPIs, customize Power BI reports, and share them across your organization.
  • Using Microsoft Power BI Goals and Power Automate, set triggers when KPIs or process rules are not met. And take advantage of the thousands of actions available.
  • Switch between views and get better insights with new visual features.
  • Use out-of-the-box templates to automate parts of the entire process, such as SAP purchase order, full accounts receivable automation, and other automation through cloud and desktop workflows.

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