FNAC / Microsoft: Mini-game tournament on Minecraft Parc des Expositions, November 6, 2022, Paris.

FNAC / Microsoft: Minecraft mini-game tournament Sunday November 6, 5 p.m. Parc des Expositions

FNAC / Microsoft: Minecraft mini-game tournament

Parc des Expositions 1 place de la porte de versailles 75015 Paris Saint-Lambert district Paris 75015 Île-de-France

FUZE, youtuber with 2.6 million subscribers, presents a competition with 10 members of its community invited on stage for the occasion. With his team, he was able to organize a tournament on 4 mini-games:

-the death run: race on a personalized course

-the hot potato: the players pass a bomb; you must not keep the bomb in your hands at the end of the countdown (1 min), otherwise the player is eliminated

-the bedwars: break the bed of the adversaries to remove their immunity and eliminate them definitively

-question for a cube: quiz on minecraft, microsoft and on fuze

The winner wins a trophy imagined and designed by Fuze and his team.

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