Millions of dollars for Web 3 – Microsoft continues its blockchain conquest

Only fools don’t change their minds – Microsoft is often decried in the computer world, but the M of GAFAM believes in the future of video games, and more particularly those related to Web3.

Is Web 3 the future of video games?

The software developer regularly invests, transparently or not, in projects that have potential (both in terms of evolution and return on investment).
That is why Microsoft has invested in ConsenSyswhich develops among other things the wallet MetamaskInfura or the NFT Palm studio.

Today, Wemade announces that Microsoft believes in its potential, and has invested alongside other South Korean companies for a total of 46 million dollars.

Known for its flagship title The Legend of Mir, the video game creator company believes in the enormous potential of the blockchain, and all its possible advantages and contributions to the “classic” game world.
This is why the South Korean company launched its own blockchain, called Wemix3.0.
It is accompanied by a stable coin, and a DeFi platform.

We will transform everyday games with blockchain technology and make our Wemix token a key currency in the blockchain gaming space. A new cost-effective NILE platform that supports NFT and DAO will also be introduced soon.»

Wemade press release

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For Wemade, this is just one step among many

For the Wemade CEO, this is just the start of something much bigger. The fact that Microsoft is joining the company is a major asset that will propel Wemade much further into the limelight.

“IThis is a significant investment by reputable, proven financial and strategic investors. Wemade and Wemix will continue to make efforts to attract more capital and actively invest to build the global digital economy platform.”

Henry Chang, CEO of Wemade

We already know that new GAFAMs with Web3 sauce are appearing. But the ancient world kings, such as Google, Microsoft or Amazon, intend not to be left behind. Their investments in the blockchain ecosystem are substantial, and far from complete. The battle will rage for many years.

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