Microsoft would prepare its Surface event on October 11!

As expected, the first rumors are circulating about Microsoft’s planned hardware event in early October. While the first hints of the Surface Pro 9 and Surface Laptop 5’s innards and design have recently emerged, a launch date is now circulating.

As The Walking Cat reported on Twitter, he would have learned thata Microsoft event would take place in October. It is expected to take place the second week of next month. The source speaks concretely of the Tuesday, October 11, 2022 at 8:00 p.m. Paris time as the date for the presentation of new Microsoft hardware.

We can expect, among others, the Surface Pro 9, the Surface Laptop 5 and perhaps a few surprises.

However, there is a catch. Windows Central’s Zac Bowden talks on Twitter that the event is indeed expected in October, but he’s unsure of the time and date mentioned by the other source. It is therefore possible that Microsoft will soon announce its event on a slightly different date.

A Surface Pro 9 with an ARM variant

Regarding the expected products, things are already quite clear. There are thus concrete indications on the presentation of the Surface Pro 9 in variants with ARM and Intel processors as well as the Surface Laptop 5 in sizes of 13 or 15 inches. Additionally, a new Surface Audio Dock as well as new color-matched mice and keyboards are planned by Microsoft.

It’s not yet known if any other new Surface hardware is expected. Just this week new rumors swirled that Microsoft is also planning some sort of variant of gaming of its Surface series, speaking of a 16-inch laptop that would be equipped with the latest Intel chips and a NIVDIA graphics chip. This should be taken with a great deal of caution, however, as the source is just a website created for this purpose, as in the case of the allegedly fake Surface Laptop 5 data that made the rounds a while ago. some months.

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