Microsoft would add even more ads for its services

Microsoft is currently testing the integration of a reminder directly in the Start menu to its services. A new addition that might annoy users.

Source: HP

For several generations of Windows, Microsoft has hesitated less and less to promote its own services. It must be said that the world now massively uses iOS or Android, which strongly encourages the use of an Apple or Google account and the services of the giants.

With Windows 11, Microsoft strongly promotes its services and encourages users to sign up for Microsoft 365, PC Game Pass, use Microsoft Edge or Bing, etc. A new test shows that Microsoft would like to go further.

Stop, restart or… send data?

Users in the Insider Dev program, which allows Microsoft to test new features very early in development, have discovered a change not announced by the firm.

Do we really need to stuff OneDrive promos in the user session flyout? Anything for that sweet sweet KPI 😭

β€” Albacore (@thebookisclosed) November 6, 2022

As you can see, in the Windows shutdown menu, Microsoft offers the user to finish configuring OneDrive, the company’s online storage service. On other images shared on Twitter, the option changes depending on the user to offer “complete your profile” Where “sign up for a Microsoft account“. In all cases, it is for users an advertisement to a Microsoft service.

Microsoft has not commented on the reception of this novelty by the first users who seem rather critical of the addition. It remains to be seen whether the firm will go further. The Dev channel is an opportunity for Microsoft to test functions without the promise of integrating them into a commercial version of the system. This novelty will therefore perhaps never see the light of day on a stable version of Windows.

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